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Dog Daycare

Instead of leaving your dog home alone, bring her to daycare. Here she can play all day with her friends in our huge fenced in yard or inside in our large playroom. We’ve got a jungle gym, lots of toys, kiddie pools, a sandpit, and plenty of room for running. Dogs benefit greatly from daycare. They learn how to socialize with other dogs and best of all, they come home tired.

Dog Boarding

This is not your traditional boarding. Well- socialized dogs enter into our daycare program, where they forget to even miss their owners because they are having so much fun. After the daycare dogs leave, dinner is served in your dog’s own private room. Then it’s up to your dog what she wants to do; hang out and watch TV. get some love, or wrestle around some more before bed. After that busy day she retires to her room where there is a “mint” on her pillow, soothing music, and a comfy bed. Then we wake up early in the morning, have breakfast and do it all over again.  You may want to consider one of our extra add on's to spoil your pup even more!

Bath & Brush

Just the frills



Sponser a friend

Knowing that cats are able to stay healthiest and happiest in their own homes, we would be super excited to visit your kitty(s) in their own home, feed them, snuggle them and clean up.   This service is offered from homes in Mt CB to CB South.  

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