Our Policies

Please read through and follow our policies.  They have been set in place so that we may take the best care of your furry friends.


We are a small facility and can only take a limited number of dogs. Therefore we do book up, even for daycare, and recommend that you make a reservation as early as possible. You can always call the day of, but please understand that we may not be able to accommodate you.



We require you let us know about a cancellation or change in a reservation 48 hours in advance. This includes daycare. Please understand that we are a small facility and may have turned someone away or have someone on the waiting list. We retain the right to add a cancellation fee onto your account, however we are pretty liberal and usually only do this if we were booked.


We require proof of Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccinations from your vet. If your dog is not up to date on their bordetella vaccination we offer the service here for a $20 fee. If the bordetella vaccination is something you choose not to have done for any reason please discuss this with one of our managers ahead of time.


We require that you dog be neutered by the age of 8- 9 months. If your dog is not spayed she absolutely cannot be in heat during her stay here.


Puppies must be at least four months old and have all 3 rounds of vaccinations to join our doggie daycare program.  This is for the health and safety of your puppy.   If your dog is older, we may keep her separate with our old or small dogs. The hustle and bustle of young dogs may be too much for her.


Every dog is required to go through our interview process. The process goes like this: First we talk to you about how your dog does with others and what type of social situations your dog has been in. Then we let your dog explore the playroom when it is empty, so that she can sniff around and get to know where she is. Then we introduce her to a dog whose personality is very calm and sweet and not at all intimidating. From there we let more dogs in, paying close attention to your dog’s reactions and body language. If all goes well, your dog passes and is ready for a day of play. Sometimes we highly suggest, or even require, a few hours of daycare just so we can make sure everyone will be happy.
We ask you to have your dog interviewed before his stay. Please also note that we always retain the right to turn your dog away at any time.

Hours for Picking Up and Dropping Off

Our regular office hours are M-F 7:30- 6:00, Saturdays and Sundays are 9-11 and 2-4. We offer boarding drop-offs and pick-ups during the weekend. We are not open for doggie daycare during this time. Holidays are 9:00-5:00. Please also note that we require you to drop off your boarding dogs one hour before before close during the week. Although we close at 6, we will need your furry friend here by 5:00 to adjust before dinnertime.

What to Bring

If your dog is here for daycare only you don’t need to bring anything with you unless she gets a lunch. If your dog is here for boarding we require that you supply her dog food. Most dogs have digestive issues when their food is suddenly switched. We are happy to administer any sort of medication, supplement, or special treat for your dog as well. We find that dogs appreciate having their own bed or blanket to sleep on at night. If bringing these things from home is not convenient we will provide some cushy blankets. Feel free to also bring toys or something to chew on. Some customers bring their dog’s crate. We leave this up to you, please be assured that all personal items will be in your dog’s room only and not out with the other dogs.
If you are boarding your cat please also bring food for him. You may also want to bring a bed, treats, and toys. Some customers also choose to bring their own litter and/ or litter box.

There is no breed of dog that we will not take. We assess if your dog is a match here on an individual basis via the interview process.


Payment is required at time of pick up. We accept local checks, visa, and mastercard.

Oh Be Dogful Picking Up/Dropping Off

Sometime we are able to offer a pick up or drop off service. We do not offer this for distances too far from the town of Crested Butte. There is an additional charge. Please call to discuss if this service is available.