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Rates & Retail


Boarding: 24 hr stay
(50% off additional family pet if they can sleep in same room)

1-6 Nights      $38/night

7-12 Nights    $36/night

13-23 Nights   $34/night 

Longterm       $32/night 

Add on's:

15 minute leash walk $17

WP stuffed toy/extra tuck in $6

BW stuffed bone/extra tuck in $8

Pick up/Drop off $15 per direction


(50% off for any additional family dogs)

1 Day                               $30

Half Day (any 4 hrs)        $24

10 Day Punchcard$240 ($24/day)


(Depends on size and condition of dog. $5 off dogs in boarding or daycare)

Basic bath and brush$25-$30 average


At-Home Cat Visits:

1x day in CB               $15

2x day in CB               $22

1x day Mt. CB/CBS    $22

2x day Mt. CB/CBS    $30

All prices subject to change and additional charges



We believe that it is easy to take care of your dog in a healthy, eco- friendly and socially responsible way. 

Brands We Carry

The Honest Kitchen, Canidae, Open Farm, Nature's Logic, Fromm, Taste of the Wild, Weruva, Nulo, Cloud Star, Pet Releaf, Soggy Doggy, Gold Paw, Cycle Dog

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