Boarding: 24 hr stay
(50% off additional family pet if they can sleep in same room)

1-6 Nights $36/night
7-12 Nights $34/night (includes a discounted bath option)
13-23 Nights $32/night (includes free bath)
Longterm $29/night (includes free bath)


(50% off for any additional family dogs)

1 Day $28
Half Day (any 4 hrs) $22
5 Day Punchcard $115 ($23/day)
10 Day Punchcard $200 ($20/day)


(Depends on size and condition of dog. $5 off dogs in boarding or daycare)

Basic bath and brush $25-$30 average


Cat Boarding:
(50% off additional cats)

1-6 Nights $16/night
7+ Nights $14/night


At-Home Cat Visits:

1x day in CB $15
2x day in CB $22
1x day Mt. CB/CBS $22
2x day Mt. CB/CBS $30

All prices subject to change and additional charges.